The Fight For Social and Food Justice

I have learned many of our sad truths through global history and how we got here in this race of humanity. Our methods of communication must change, today, by force of discipline rather than trusting the existing parties to guide us towards freedom. We can do without the high-pitched human voice that seemingly keeps belting out a bunch of nothing to “solve the root of our issues”.

I will be using my trade and skills to help organize a foundation for us to stand on; connecting networks; resources; and intellects who are sure to help make shit move. It is time for us to unite and not focus on one another’s opinion or differences. It is about perspectives; not agreeing or disagreeing.We will identify our commonalities to progressively move forward as a unit in unity. We will think as a tank to achieve a better quality of life.

I am not interested in converting anyone to the way that I think; a religion; or social group; I am solely interested in creating refuge and a better socioeconomic space for US to dwell. This is a campaign to unite and strategically align our nation of people to decolonize; to be recognized as humans; and to make it known that there will not be anymore crimes against humanity.

For security purposes all individuals and groups will be vetted.

Upcoming Presentation

People aren’t crayons and we seem to continue color ganging in humanity. It’s causing the confusion of how we define legal social status which determines who’s “white and black” .

Protection for gangs, clubs and nations

Causing grief in human relations

It’s a turf war on a global scale

I’d rather hear both sides of the tale

See, it’s not about races

Just places, Faces

Where your blood comes from

Is where your space is

I’ve seen the bright get duller

I’m not going to spend my life being a color

Michael Jackson

Resister for your spot.