State of Hip Hop Culture in Chicago

Chicago is a beautiful cultural city. We have beaches, lakes, high culture, ghettos, and urban life. When you come to Chicago you’re bound to see a skateboarder, hear some house music, see the bucket boyz, and wanting to know where Chief Keef stayed or did I know him.

Yes, there is a hell of a lot of violence going on in our city and I question it, but that’s another story. All of this is part of the Hip Hop scene here in Chicago. Hip Hop as a whole is on fallen times, and it’s just now squeezing out the farts to give birth to a renaissance. Those little farts are your Lil Uzi Verts, Bobby Shurmdas, Little Yatchy Boats, Little Dickys; and there’s plenty more where those came from.
The State of Hip Hop in Chicago is on a nurturing road. You have a breed of newcomers from the millennial generation bringing back diversity. The underground scene is on the up and up. Chicago has it’s Ty Money, John The Author, Tink, Dreezy, Chance the Rapper, D Gainz, Assasta Jones and King Samson. Those are just a few that I have in my playlist but there are countless others who dabble in the art and have dope profound sounds.

Chance the Rapper

I don’t have ownership or rights of this image or any of the others!

Assasta Jones




Ty Money


John The Author


King Samson


D Gainz


Chief Keef


The Good

Chicago has given birth to it’s own genre of gangster music, Drill. But that’s not all that we’re about. We’re storytellers of reality. Each artist tells a different perception of being from and living in Chicago. Some more artistic than others, but nonetheless, they are contributing their creative works independently. That’s a great asset in the State of Hip Hop in Chicago. No one’s looking for a deal, everyone wants to be a entrepreneur at some capacity. Who at the top level isn’t borrowing or working on breaking into Chicago culture? I know you can name a few markets we’ve influenced.

The Bad

Drill music is the devil, seriously. It makes our youth angry and most of them don’t know why they’re angry. It influences the culture and has become a social standard to some. It has confused some of reality, the truth, and being an individual because some have never lived that life. The Hip Hoppers from Chicago lack big time in social responsibility.We also have a low lack of support from the community and peer groups. Everybody wants to be the first or the only, and that resembles greed. What happen to paying it forward? They aren’t accountable for the messages that they encode into their music and it has lead many astray globally.

As a collective…

When we realize how powerful Hip Hop is and how much influence we have if we work together, only then will we rebuild Hip Hop. Every region has had its turn, and now it sours if we grasp the moment. I have high hopes for the hip hop state in Chicago. So let us be great!


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