Who is BK?

The G.O.A.T 

Photo Credit: Bryce Ray

I’m the around the way girl hailing from the Southside of Chicago, born and raised. I was cultivated on the Low End of Chicago, 47th Michigan, but I grew up off 79th Halsted and 88th Lowe, to the South Suburbs all the way up to the Northwest of Indiana. I consider myself to have had the best of both words. I won’t get to deep into that story but it’s made me who I am today: Authentic, Urban, Confident, Relatable, and Cultural.

I pretty much just do what I want, there’s no limitations on what I do. Call me the Goddess of all trades because up until now that’s my resume. I’m  certified in Broadcast and Multimedia from Illinois Media School, Bartending, Professional Employment (PERC),  and I may have forgot to name a few. Just know that I’m self sufficient and I’m an entreprenuer, who’s made plenty of mistakes to get to this space.

What am I up to? 

I’m a business owner, BKORNOWAY Media and Entertainment, who sees jewels in the hood, small business, and urban culture. I’m also a student, dual degree, at Olive Harvey College and Governors State University. My area of concerntration is Communcations and Media  Studies. For 2 years, I’ve been working on figuring out how to stay TRUE to myself, visions, and goals. My vision is that we can work togther, as a collective, to thrive and change our own circumstances. My goals is to take us to the next level, so that we can get pass the idea of having a community (BLACK PEOPLE) and actually establish one. I understand that consist of a physical and social construct which can take time to build but we understand that Egypt wasn’t built overnight.

So my goal is to use my skills as a generalist to redefine our image, first, because I have no clue of what media is on with us, plus I only can see 200 feet of my destination. It’s more to us then what is being depicted, so the Gods told me to correct that shit. In the future, I see myself doing some very big things in Communication and Media Affairs.

If your a small business owner or brand, lets connect !


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