@BetsyDeVos is a #Reformer 🤔 #AlternativeFacts Perhaps 🤥 @USedGov 

I don’t own the rights to any of these pictures. I snagged them off her twitter 😊👌🏾

📓 Mainstream media weighed in on Betsy Devos historic tiebreaking vote to be confirmed as Secretary of Education cabinet pick with a 50% pass. 
Maybe we should just give her a chance and see what’s she’s made of 🤔. Reading and Mathematics is important but handwriting needs to be implemented back into our schools in the Urban Areas. I haven’t read too much into what she’s about but the little I did was only geared towards charter schools. So for now, I’m just going to learn about what her job duties are, watch her work and see what she does. 

These letters don’t mean shit. Neither does all the talking that everyone’s doing around her seat. 
Allegedly, she’s a reformer but who can trust what Trump says, I don’t even have to get into the alternative facts of why. I’m not politically mature but that’s something that I’m developing. You guys want to know a way to decrease the killing in Chicago? Give the inner city children quality education just like the charter and private school students being awarded public money vouchers to attend school their parents can’t afford. I wonder do those children write in cursive? 
I wouldn’t get upset about anything that happens in The White House or the Senate because if you pay attention to detail then communicate, things will go smooth. 


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