45 New Action on Next Week 

Originally published about 12:48 pm, CNN   reports “45 The President”  conference from the White House,  where he extremely vented today. It was updated at 3:23 pm EST to inform us that he’ll be unveiling his new security measures to keep America safe. I watched it live on Facebook with my friends and communicated solutions on how we can sit at the table.  When I see 45 speak, I just focus on the content and delivery. 

His administration is very tacky when it comes to business. It’s like watching a bunch of clowns 🤡 get into a vehicle. They all have broken ethical laws for government employees. Their policy’s suck for all the wrong reasons. I think K.C. , his advisor, should be fired. She’s violated enough ethical laws and hasn’t shown any skill in her position. We should have them produce the letter of discipline she received. Just so we can be sure that she was “counseled”. 

This is starting to add up to his alleged accounts of horrible business habits. At least he admitted that he learned something real today. 


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