@BetsyDevos Blocked by “Peaceful” Protestors: @BYP100 @DMVBlackLives @ABC7News @CNN

Tim O’ Brien (Mother Jones)

I have to give it to her. She got the job done. That’s what truly matters. She didn’t let them stop her from completing her mission. She doesn’t have a strong background in education especially to be the nations top ranking education official.  

As long as she keeps church and state separate, and sticks to her word that she’s not against public schools, we cool. That means leveling out the resources so that they can receive the same education as other schools she so happens to fund. Maybe we do need a new school system because in urban communities our children are being failed. It’s not just the governments fault either. 

Their parents more than likely rent in the community, so because they aren’t taxpayers who own in the community, it’s not enough funds for the schools. Yes government should pitch in to make sure that resources are evenly distributed because it’s need it. At the same time what happen today was irrelevant to an actual solution to the problem. A possible solution can be encouraging more parents to fund their children’s education  or educate them on  settling into a community they wish to own property in. That way their children’s education is accounted for. 

Dear Black Peers, 
Please teach your peers the truth about how government business operates so that we can sit at the table and stop begging or trying to force mfs to fund our children. We need to contribute to the economy other than being consumers. We use a lot of resources and we don’t replenish anything. We’re liabilities to the USA 🇺🇸 Government Corporation. We are also assets if we tap into our true power and produce. Then we can talk about reparatory justice.  We need to be importing, exporting , setting up businesses, and establishing a community. Give the damn lady a chance. Once  she actually does something, then check her ass. At least let her start her job to see where she goes. We all were once in her shoes where we had no experience for a job position. The democratic crackheads failed us, so let’s give the Republican Thugs a try. If they fail then y’all know what it is, Resist with grace, and establish your own. 

Source: CNN, Mother Jones, ABC7 News 


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