I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO: Something to 💡 THINK! About:

 Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.

James Baldwin 

The story begins with telling the story of ALL SLAVES in America because you know that we weren’t the only ones right? This was important to the dialogue because that story  gives you clues on the hate here in America between blacks and whites. Do your research. 

 As an aspiring writer, 😊 I Am Not Your Negro influenced me in many ways. As an transatlantic commuter, Baldwin, was able to be free to share his life as a slave and writer. He took responsibility for his affairs. He was open about his sexuality and fluid as a man, who dated both men and women. He was a brave man with a unique perspective on racism, interracial dating, and homosexuality. 

Most importantly he told the story of Black America. He seen value in Martin and Malcolm’s perspective but he had his own way of combating. I too believe that all “white” people aren’t bad people because simply all “black” people aren’t good people. He made you see slavery as basically an illness that white people have and it being “only in their head”, and most of them having lynched their lovers, conrads, sons, and brothers, literally. 

I would recommend everyone from every race to watch this movie because it gives us all something to think about. We live in a world where brother know he has killed, raped, and displaced his brother.



One thought on “I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO: Something to 💡 THINK! About:

  1. This movie is definitely an eye opener. Mr Baldwin helps one looks at things in a different light, and one which I appreciate. Great movie, and a must see, which will improve everyones understanding of society and how unfair our country has been. We must continue our movements in a deliberate manner until all playing fields are even.

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