M.F. RESIGNED 😑 😊: Denied his Contact with Russian Ambassador 

I’m going to tell this story with the nicknames I’ve made up of the officials. Of course we won’t be saying their name but this will always help you to easily get some idea of what’s taking place. We know the original stories and detailed reports are BORING! Imagine how I feel having to read it and report it. 🤣🤣

The topic of discussion is what was said to Kesley (Russian Ambassdors Character) by M.F. It’s a bunch speculations at this point ☝🏾 ,and may I add some bullshit. It’s a bunch of grown ass people, predominantly men, gossiping. Agent Orange 🍊 acts as if he didn’t know what was going on, which I find it hard to believe 🤣🤣. Do you think he was doing the pre-politicking with the knowledge of Agent Orange 🍊 🤔

M.F. allegedly denied contact with Russia, then allegedly denied discussing sanctions with the Russian Ambassdor, to later revising his account to say “couldn’t be certain it didn’t come up”. This sounds like some bullshit doesn’t it? 

Two officials said the main topic of the relevant call was the sanctions. U.S. Intelligence reports during the 2016 presidential campaign showed they were in touch. FBI, Yates, Clapper, and Brennan denied to comment. 

Kesley met M.F. in 2013 while he was the Director of Defense Intelligence Agency on a trip made to Moscow. Kesley confirmed himself that he did talk to him before and after the election but declined to say what was discussed. 

So again, Agent Orange 🍊 and The Republican Administration had no prior knowledge of the contact? Did some of them know? Was it really a secret? Already 100 days in and more than of Agent Orange’s 🍊 advisors flake but one ☝🏾 resigns. 

For more details on this story click here.

Source: The Washington Post & CNN  News via TV 📺 


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