Why is @PPact still Allowed Funding?! Selling Fetus Tissue 😐 GTFOH

Planned Parenthood has been exposed on so many levels that it’s disgusting for it to get to the Federal Courts and they still rule in favor of letting them near us women. Allowing them to experiment with us and brutally kill children by masking it up as “Pro-Choice”.

Judge Sam Sparks has the nerve to write a 42 page ruling saying that there is no proof of Planned Parenthood violating ethical or medical standards. Maybe he’s blind or they’re paying to play because it’s plenty of evidence just floating around about how trifling this organization is. Check out the story on CNN here.

Planned Parenthood is repeatedly going through case after case, state after state because of its indecency for human life. Over time I’ve grown not to like what they stand for especially as a “minority” woman growing up in an inner city community.

I’ve watched videos that showcase staff demeaning “Black Women”, causing us to lose life, wombs, and decency as a human. From their practices comes hysterectomies, emptiness, and no reason for living being that your reason is life, 360 degrees of completeness.


And yet today, they contradict their socal mission or charity purposes of supporting   #BlackLivesMatter or any life for that matter. Forcing sterilization on who they claim to be the weakness of the human population, and it’s all public knowledge. I think that they are the weaklings of humanity including the advocates of their mission.


Donors  calling in to specifically abort “black” babies, better known as African Americans.  As a woman, I just feel there are many lines that shouldn’t be crossed. When it’s clear evidence of these crimes, they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our race, human, depends on the certainty that we will keep recreating. Humanity’s wealth comes from us, not the taxpayers and money.

They’ve manipulated us into being weak. They have us lined up like we’re at a concert, thinking our babies are mistakes maybe even causing us to think that we too are mistakes. They’ve made it cool 😎 for women who don’t know any better to have continuous abortions. Not even educating them on the “true” awareness of wellness & health  or the  plans they have in store.

Everything in life has a bigger picture, don’t be the one to miss it.


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