Chicago’s Bag Tax Policy:Bag Lady or Free Parking. @RahmEmanuel WTF Yo! 

The Case of the Bag

As of February 1st, Chicago’s bag tax has been in effect. I see people are affected by it in all sorts of ways. Well for some urban individuals they been had that bag full of bags. On a serious note, we need to actually understand why this policy was put in place so that we can learn how to prevent things like this in the future, maybe even come up with a counter.

  1. People love to litter
  2. Misuse of resources
  3. Learn to recycle and live a more sustainable life
  4. Self Sufficiency

To someone who’s not up for change this can sound like madness to them but for me I feel like it’s great for the community. I mean at first I was a bit shocked and wondering who passed Mayor Rahm the idea. I don’t think he came up with it himself.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Bag Lady, here’s your chance to show off your skills.

Free Parking or Nah

Now as a citizen, I think it’s crazy ass hell that Chicago charges us so much money to live here then they keep coming up with more miscellaneous fees and taxes. Now I can understand the bag tax but damn, can we get free parking to lessen our expenses? I understand paying downtown but they ass done moved south and west into residential neighborhoods where people live who are already struggling. They’ve been spreading like wildfires and I think that they need to make a deal with us on one or the other. It feels like we’re being tripled tax just based off one purchase, for example, if you go to a grocery store on 79th  you have to pay for parking, bags, the groceries, and taxes on them too.

We’re already chasing our tax dollars because our schools in the community only have basic education (actually less than basic education), and no well developed programs. So when you speak of violence Mr. Rahm Emmanuel and agree to sending the Feds here, think about what your doing with our tax dollars because mf we pay taxes too.

Give us a break! KEEP YOUR TAX IDEAS 💡 & send our funding into our communities.


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