“Get THE Fuck OUT Right Away‼️” @GetOutMovie Review 

I don’t own any of these images, so don’t bother asking. Credits goes to “Get Out” Twitter Page. I’m just the person that wants you to see it.

It’s very well documented that White people, Europeans or whatever label you want to use have always wanted what we, melanin beings have.  This thriller was amazing and life enlightening on the horrors we face interracially. 

Historically, my ancestors have been lynched and enslaved by white people in situations where they were related because they were the lovers or children of their slave masters. Of course there were many other instances that took place as well.  Get Out gave you a prime example of how far they’ll go. It’s sickening but it’s so much truth behind it. 

Personally I love the movie and I will show it to my children. Just because it’s a modern life lesson that reflects history. It shows you the future of slavery and gives you a glimpse into how it could evolve. Movies tell you the dark truths of life and mask them as entertainment but if you open your mind then the programming doesn’t affect your perception. You can still enjoy it and get the truth out of it. 

 After it was over, I stood up to look at around. I just wanted to see the reactions of the audience. It was a interracial couple sitting behind me in the movies. This damn girl looked embarrassed 😂 all slouched down in her chair. If they’d just accept reality and stopped acting like their ancestors were the shit and realize they weren’t shit, then we’d all get along just fine.

Don’t let no one play with your mind. NO ONE! Especially your girlfriends parents. 

Love who you love but don’t forget about history. Don’t forget where we come from, how far we came and where we are. 



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