The G.O.A.T. @Chancetherapper Donates $1million to CPS

For a while CPS has been in the trenches and teachers have been👨🏾‍🏫 protesting to increase their wages because of the pension cut. Of course Governor Rauner doesn’t have the answers nor the care to secure a future for our children 👶🏾 but the change has to start with us. Taking a Chance, he takes the first step to give back to the community. 

We should call on all other artist and pioneers from Chicago to donate. It’s too many artist here for there not to be ANY social responsibility being taken. The artist today are somewhat pure trash. They’ve forgotten the roots of Hip Hop Culture and suck our resources from us without ever coming back or giving back. 

It’s time we all take a stand, and stop supporting those who don’t support us. Social responsibility is a major role for any citizen breathing. Let’s hold those accountable including the parents too. Funding for school doesn’t just fall on the government. It falls on the parents, community, government, and the ones managing the trust of the schools. 

Inspiring those to come 😊Chance is that DOPE. We appreciate you and your kindness of concern. Continue to stand with us, we got your back 💯 

Source: Chicago Sun Times  


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