Fuck Being Humble! Be Honorable, It’ll Get You Further.

This week has been reflective for me. I had a lady give me some great advice and it set heavy on my mind, this month. Everything she said resonated with me except when she told me that I had to be humble. In this industry and/or life, it’s about relationship building and people will want you to be humble because of their position. Their position requires you to be inferior to their position. After all, that’s what being humble means. Respect should always be given especially when it’s due, but no one needs to feel insignificant to anyone else.

Being humble is similar to demasculinizing a male, which means to produce certain male secondary sex characteristics (female ways)  or basically just acting like a bitch. Is it a bad thing because you have a skill and your proud of it? If you aren’t too proud to beg  for sex then why can’t you be proud about a damn skill you have or who you are. Those that want you to be humble, I believe, want you to have a inferiority complex and be broke or broken. This industry lives off that mentality and so does society. Call me a sovereign because I ain’t in it.  I’ll live in my bubble and rotate around you mfs until I can get to a spaceship. 

I’m a Afro American woman living in a damn war zone, I’m seen as subhuman on a global scale, I bleed every month, and I was born setup for failure. I should be crazy ass hell but instead I make lemonade out of lemons. So no, I will not be humble. I will be civil, loving, and act with grace. I’ll be honorable and modest but I have no intention of being humble. Sometimes I may be unpleasant but I’ll always be accountable & responsible for all my affairs. 


Be gracious, operate with integrity, and compassion for starters. You have to learn how to be civil because conflicts will always arise. “You just have to go high when they go low” according to Michelle. Which is just highend culture.


Stay grounded to the earth, and in God We Trust.


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