Railroad Yard Expansion in Englewood Forcing Residents to Sale their Home by Enforcing Fear.

Chicago will be under new development for the next 10-20 years because the city’s officials have decided that we need to become a destination for tourist, outdoor activities, and hospitality. That’s great they want to renovate the city but it’s causing an uproar in the Urban community. There has been no real solutions proposed by city, state, or national government officials to help Chicago with it’s main problems, like violence and economics. There’s still no funding for CPS schools but we have the money to change the structure of the city.

I do understand that in order for a developer to get the job he has to bid on the contract. The contract usually goes to the highest bidder with the best development plan. That’s how the government makes money off new development. That brings me to the story at hand, railroad yard expansion in Englewood.

For decades, no almost a century, the city has history of Afro-Americans moving in, and Anglo-Americans moving out. Most of the areas that are heavily populated by us, use to be heavily populated by them, so that they could be close to work. Once job shortages begin to happen and we begin to move north to fill those voids, they begin to leave their homes. Our great grandparents and grandparents worked hard to own their homes, and every turn in development most of them loss those homes due to eminent domain,  a right of a government to take private property for public use by virtue of the superior dominion of the sovereign power over all lands within its jurisdiction, giving them a little bit of nothing, and passing their homes off to private companies for expansion.

The latest case is 52 year old, Joyce Edwards, from the Greater Englewood Area. I came across her story from a Historian, Harold L. Lucas, of The Bronzeville Information Center. Check out the full report here. Now, this is surely a losing battle because most of the people in that area have already sold their homes but it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t meet the remaining residents demands. To forcefully uproot people from their homes is not cool, under any circumstances. Norfolk Southern Railroad is a private company, therefore they should meet the demands of those residents. They should make sure that they compensate them well enough to purchase a home in full without worrying about new expenses, because wherever they go now it will be a burden.

My goal is to meet with Joyce and hear her side of the story. I’ll keep you updated.


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