Teenage Fever….Live Young Forever and Save Souls. 

The start of April has been beautiful. As an April Fools baby , I decided to play a trick on my family and friends. I invited them all for dinner and I had a special program. Everyone just thought it was for my birthday but it really was a networking event to introduce The Chicago Culture Renaissance, where I’ll be connecting heritage while making history. Our goal is to create original content and give information that is resourceful to Urban Culture & Affairs.

We’re going to raise $250,000, to invest into the Urban Community. It’ll help our culture establish organized behavior and give access to affordable PR in a network that will help you succeed through community benefit.

I’m ready to share more with the world and my company’s mission, values, and goals because I’ve gathered too much information, and it’s time I share. There’s no selfish heart over here, even though my people are the hardest to work with. I’m taking on the challenge to change things my way, which is to educate the hood about economics so that we can become owners, self sufficient, reliable, and wealthy generationally.

One thing I didn’t do at the party was present my pitch, which I’ll arrange another social for that, where we can begin to establish a policy that ensures a Community Benefit. That’s all I ask of my potential partners and current partners as we grow our wealth. Help build our communities, so that they can be safe again.


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