Missha Beauty Supply Boycott in Chicago #21days in!

In Chicago, it’s very likely that if we don’t want you here, you’ll get removed. My city has been on the move for the past few years taking on national and global affairs. As a community we have to stick together or no one else will take up for us.

In the case studies of the Asian beauty supply, Missha, in North Carolina allegedly a young lady attempted to steal, so instead of calling the police they took it upon themselves to just basically jump her.

Check out the current status of the protestors here in Chicago.


In America, they got us fucked up! They just keep abusing us and throwing out agenda’s that aren’t in our best interest. I would think that they would better appreciate us for culture and building this country on the backs of our ancestors but NOPE, they’ve mislead other ethnicities globally on who we are.


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