@TyMoneySBMG “Cinco De Money 3”, Underrated but Levitated.

One of my favorite artist, Ty Money, from Chicago has just dropped his new project. Highly anticipated, part 3 of his “Cinco de Money” trilogy dropped May 5, 2017, Cinco de Mayo day. I’m late catching up to it because I’ve been writing scholarly essays for finals for the entire weekend. I had to rearrange my focus and schedule to get all my needs met. Listening to Cinco de  Money was one, knowing that he was the first to get Bump J to grace us with a blessing, “Yes or No (produced by Novacane Muzik)” ?.

As I was proofreading my essay, I listened to the 12 tracks. Here’s some of my favorites: Summer Break (featuring Chimeka produced by Y.F. Beats and KG Da Producer), Twista Homage Interlude, Fraudulent Interlude (Produced by Hearon Trackz), No Kick it Tickets (featuring P.C. produced by Rio Mac), and  WuWapDaBam (produced by Rio Mac).




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