@600Breezy Standing 10 Toes Down on his Square in the Mall

I’m on Facebook right, and I see a post about 600 Breezy getting caught by his “ops”. Apparently nothing happen according to the video, and I was very happy about that. I’m glad all 3 men walked away alive first and foremost. From the recording they got an understanding about their beef.  Some say that 600 Breezy wasn’t so gangsta, but I don’t think it was about being gangsta. He did stand on his square and he made a wise decision.

Gangsta is something that is associated too much with being a man, when it is not. When did it become the standard character for a man to be a gangster? This image is only glorified by insecure people who are insensitive to human life or someone who has no life, and sits around thinking reality Tv is REAL. This image causes real problems in society for our men ( in “Black America”) becuase they have to uphold an image that isn’t of them.

“Black Men” are not gangsters, they are warriors but it just so happen that they have forgotten who they are. Killing their brothers, sisters, and children is not of them but when you live in a world where you are put down, manipulated, and bamboozled of your self identity, you have to survive. They are simply caught up in a lifestyle that they want to escape from. These young men need love and encouragement to grow. That will aid them in squashing beefs and finding a common ground to collaborate, partner, or create mergers. Motivate them to achieve higher success by reconstructing their business affairs and brands for the better.

I did have the video posted from King Yella page but they both deleted the video. I guess they realize how ignorant they were. Hopefully they hire someone to deal with their public relations soon. It’s well over do, lmao. Here’s a glimpse if you haven’t seen it yet.

It’s about survival and staying alive to be there for your family. People that aren’t from Chicago don’t know what the fuck is up. You just report on us for ratings, which is cool but these are real people with real problems. It’s sad how many people really wanted something to pop off.  We just here working on saving our city, legacy, families, and communities.

I’m seeing all the reports on it from different media sites, and they are just feeding negative energy into the situation. I don’t really know much about the background story but I am familiar with the hoods and clicks they claim.  If you not apart of the solution, just know that you are a problem.



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