Soon to be Bride Gets Fucked at her Bachelorette Party, and Husband Post Pones Wedding


Well there is definitely love in the air! Somewhere there isn’t enough to keep one lady from having sex on camera at her bachelorette party. I tried to save the video to share with you but it’s been deleted of course. I seen it on Erick Dixon’s page and he shares a bunch of wild videos on Facebook. You may have seen it but it’s out here floating.

A Caucasian woman was caught on camera being rammed by a naked Caucasian man, while her ladies were in the background cheering her on. It was like a race, seriously, it was so many women there, and one lady was grabbing her breast while she was being penetrated.

I feel so bad for the husband to be because his whole world has been shattered without a care. At least she could have told people not to record her, now he has to deal not only with the infidelity but the embarrassment of social media.



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