When God Created Woman, God Created Life. “When God Speaks” Listen.

I do not own this image, I snagged it from their page. Go like it below!

For mother’s day I was invited to the Dusable Museum of African American History to enjoy “When God Speaks”, a theatrical urban masterpiece starring K Love, Jun June, Iyawo Ogun (also known as Drea), Ques, Real Talk, Robin, Phenom, Jason, Realitie, and Yahona.

“When God Speaks” plot is an expression that will show you the voice of God in the past, present, and future. Would you know when God is speaking? Can you distinguish the difference between the small whisper versus the loud voice within self?

They paid respect to a beautiful loving woman who was slain in Chicago’s South Suburbs in Thornton Township. For more on this story click here.

When God Speaks took us on a journey spiritually. It taught us about our roots and the present time of our people currently. They shared God’s perspective on love, relationship between man and woman, our melanin’s super conductor science, and honoring our true heritage. They told stories using Hip Hop culture: music, poetry, and visual arts. I appreciate their body of work and contribution to the culture. It was just educational, entertaining, and enlightening. I recommend that you go check it out the next time it’s showing, I’ll most definitely keep you posted.


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