@NickiMinaj & @Nas #Courting and #Sleepover #Magic

I think this one might be a win, Nicki. I am in love with love, even though I am still developing my feng shui in that area. Nicki isn’t short stopping in her love life, and she’s taking advantage of her options out here. Just recently,  she called it quits with Meek Mill, and now she’s sleeping over with Nas handsome self. (More Info)

He’s more your speed and you can develop more mature relationships at this stage in your career. I think it’s almost time you start thinking about some children, so he’s right on time. Don’t let those good genes and DNA go to waste. I am wishing you much love in your dating life because I understand how it can be, woman. A lot of people don’t know how to define relationships in today’s society, so we got trapped like bees. Sticking around for honey when it was never there the entire time, consistently being disappointed. Good thing she’s practicing celibacy.

With Nicki’s status, it’s going to be a challenge to find love but I hope by all means she finds it. Everybody deserves and should experience all the different forms of love. It’s definitely a major upgrade from Meek.

A lot of people today don’t even know the standard of relationship building. They build based on their desires. We need to learn more about the importance of dating and the opposite sex.

Nas has definitely earned his crown not only as King of Queens, but as an King. He’s an honorable and respectable dude. Nicki is Queens of Queens. so it’s a good match. As for Nicki, she’s a beautiful lady but you can’t really say that you know more than 10% about her on a personal level. As an artist I believe that her talent allows her to diversify herself, take bold steps, and be on her business. So you never really know which part of her you’re getting. I can honestly say they look good together, especially in “Right By My Side”.








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