Traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico Soon? Here’s Some Places You Want to Visit and Activities to do.

I had a grand time in the Caribbean Islands for spring break weekend in San Juan. I stayed at the Caribee Hilton Hotel Resort. While I was there I visited the El Yunque historical rainforest, Bio Bay, and Luquille Beach.

Saturday morning I did yoga on the beach😊.  Then the evening, I went to The Funky Buddha because I was familiar with the venue due to it being once located in Chicago. I listened to trap music, drank water, and scotch all night. I discovered some Spanish trap music that has made it to my playlist, from the DJ, that night. I did have plenty of media but unfortunately my phone was stolen during my stay, so I don’t have too much to show you but some pictures I was able to save.

I got to try some Puerto Rican food, Mofongo and . Mofongo is delicious 😋 you have to check it out‼️



📓 Notes for San Juan, Puerto Rico :

Trio Tour-Friday 4-14-2017

Rain ☔️ Forest 🌳: El Yunque National Park

* Trees that have lived for a 1,000 years.

* Higher elevation it’s wetter.

* 200 inches of rain fall a year

* Farmers/Agricultural

* Haven’t lost a tree species

* Tropical forestry

* Puerto Rican Parrot

* Taino (Native People)

* Spanish Crown

* Bamboo is the tallest grass on the planet.

* Became apart of the US 1898 before Alaska and Hawaii through a war. Then they took over the forest in 1903 administer by the Department of Interior.

*Hit a low in 1970 (Recovery Project)

*More than a million people visits a year.

“😊 It all started with Sun ☀️ Rock 🌏 and Water 💦. Protecting is our legacy to future generations.” (Unknown)
I visited Plaza Las Americas 4-15-2017, bought a pair of mikes and I can’t remember what else I purchased.

I caught a glimpse of a documentary showing about Sandy Ground Historical Museum on “Here and Now” on ABC.


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