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Hip Hop Culture seems to be taking it’s rebirth. 

If you haven’t heard about Hannah yet, then you are truly missing out! This young Independent Artist is making beautiful soul sailing music.


She’s finally getting the recognition she deserves, with her fresh approach, unique design of rhyme patterns;Hannah definitely creates music to feed the soul.

Growing up on the south side of Chicago the young rapper first picked up a pen and paper at the age 11. Over the years, Hannah has evolved by letting her solace be the up bringing of her career, giving you unique waves. 

Listen to her bring late summer nights from the streets to life. Taking a Step further into her career as an Artist and Student, Hannah picked up and relocated to Los Angeles, CA where she is currently doing her thing. 

There’s many roles that artist play and occupations these creators hold on their projects which makes their products valuable.
“The roles of an artist is to record life, give visual or tangible form to ideas, philosophies, or feelings, reveal hidden or universal truths, and to helps us see the world in a new or innovative way (Aushiee from Art 110).” And I couldn’t have said it any better.

With her featured project, Hannah comes through unveiling her “Blossom”  journey of coming into womanhood. Don’t just take my word for it! Check out how blessed she is for yourself. Her music has a smooth hip hop and jazz vibe to it.



Hannah-Blossom Cover


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