“One Summer Chicago” @ The K.L.E.O Community Family Life Center Role: Mentor 

I’m here at the Chicago Teachers Union 👨🏾‍🏫 👩🏾‍🏫 for training. We’ve just finished our MHA Lab 🔬 training and now we’re sitting in a peer circle for an exercise on Civic Leadership. You know what’s going through my mind? I’m sure you don’t because you’re not in my mind 😂 but I’ll share with you. 

It’s amazing 😉 to be in an healthy civic environment. Learning how to work with your peers and Mentees also helps you to work on yourself.  Am I a thought leader or a problem solver? Maybe I’m both. 💭 

So now I’m about to interview my peer on the side of me and figure somethings about myself including my peer. 

What did I learn? How did this activity affect me? 

I learned that every individual is truly its own but we all have things in common. Tonona Robinson and I both work in Human Studies and Developmet. We are socialble and care taking people. We have a common prospective on what our roles are in the community and what a community is. We share common roles in our families, work, and society. 

This activity brightened up my mood and was a definite icebreaker for me to take on the room, including my life. It gave me sense of my responsibility for the summer ☀️ with my Mentees, Team, Family, Friends and Support. 

I learned that I am a caring individual and I need to be constantly reminded of my goals 🥅 ⚽️ and the responsibilities that I have in any community or any relationship. I am a human who has a purpose far greater that what I can exemplify right now. 

This “Who am I” excercise was amamzing and a stress reliever of socially reminding me of “Who I am” as an whole. 

Guess the best blessings in life is the ones you least expect in the rarest forms. Now I am ready to create positive experiences for my Mentees this summer. 

Learning to become a better mentor, while becoming a better me

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