Exploring emotions with kids!


Understanding your childs emotional development 

An early childhood education is a chance to learn about the specific tools that will help young children begin to learn and establish an foundation. It will be beneficial for the child the rest of their life. The first five years of a child’s life is very important to their long term success. The learning foundation that is provided for children, will help them move on to elementary school and higher education such as university knowledge.

   Students who engaged in early child development programs have a higher graduation rate  from college,  than those who did not attend the program. The learning foundation that is established will help them move on to  subsequently higher positions in life.


When you help your child to  understand and handle their feelings such as anger, frustration, or confusion, you can develop his/her emotional intelligence. A child that can control their emotions will be able to cope with his/her feelings, can bring themselves threw emotionally intense situations. They can understand and relate well to others, and can develop strong lasting friendships more easily than a child that can’t deal with their emotions.


Experts have emphasized the importance of children learning how to deal with  emotional intelligence. It is important to help children become confident, responsible, and successful adults who will guide interpersonal relationship independently.

  Chicago public schools need to teach each child to recognize, understand and manage their emotions in order to make decisions, build, and maintain positive social relationships. The child will not succeed in life especially if he/she was neglected, or mentally/ physically abused. This will definitely interfere with their learning.

  In early childhood, they will learn how to go on to lead successful lives.
Teaching your children to recognize how to control their emotions can help  them improve academically, reduce anxiety and behavioral problems.

Early Childhood Development Services will result in:

  •  The child won’t be provided special education services later in life.
  •  Students will enter  kindergarten and be ready to learn.
  •  Children will use Less drugs and alcohol abuse daily.
  •  It will be Higher graduation rates.
  •  Lower divorce rates for parents, and the children, when they reach adulthood.
  •  They will Decline in welfare benefits.
  • There will be an increase with employment rates and earnings rates as adults.

 It is very important for parents to enroll their children in programs that will teach them emotional intelligence in schools and improve their mental health, social skills, and learning.    

    Children  need to recognize and have a clear understanding of how to manage their emotions in order to develop. This will help them to build and maintain positive social relationships. This will have a positive impact on children and will benefit them years later in life.

   In conclusion,  It is mandatory that every parent must pay attention to their children’s development and growth. There will be disabilities and behavioral problems, if there is lack of care and love for their children. It is a priority for parents to play an important role in leading their children to the success in their lives by centering their lessons to the child’s destiny and purpose in life. 



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