Public Education Funding

In my report I will be informing you about the funding for public education in urban communities.

Who does it effect?

 This issue impacts students in the Chicago area from early childhood to adults.  According to Dennis Patrick Leyden, he states during the 4 Decades, efforts to remedy inequities and improve quality in public education that have been stymied – sometimes by the courts, and sometimes by state legislatures. The state legislative begin making predictions. Who is causing the issue? The issue is caused by parents not being involved enough in the schools and the public officials doing a poor job. The schools are closing from left to right, all on Rahm Emmanuel watch, the mayor of Chicago closing the schools in the Chicago neighborhoods.

Image result for public education funding quotes  “In the schools we need wider range of higher education,” according to Quartz. They provided information on how it happens and according to the taxes put in and the taxes that are taken out for education. Public schools need adequate funding and resources to provide their students with a quality education.

 This issue started in the 17th century and it is still taking place today in the 21st century. The education system has been around for a long time because of the creators of civilization.a.n.

 America’s education system is failing because we do not know how to handle school dropout rates, low performance, learning disabilities, and implementation of curriculum that embodies life skills, heritage, and culture.

I believe this started by the government and the Board of education. They are providing the schools with less amount of money to pay the teachers and to bring in some nice programs for the students.


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