12 Year Old Arrested For Riding on Bike Pegs!

Is it relevant any more to mention that unfair or (un)-thoughtful treatment is happening to Africans in America today? I think that last few centuries have been hell, but today we’re doing a little better than our ancestors. Are we really?

Iain Brady, in Evanston, IL, was arrested July 12 for riding on the back of his friends bike.  It was mentioned that he was on bike pegs, while his friend failed to stop at a red light he wasn’t the one who was arrested. The Brady family are still in due process.

Genevieve Walter reported,

“Bady spoke to the Evanston City Council at its most recent meeting, telling aldermen he was upset his son, who is African-American, faced such serious consequences over something so minor.

“What did he do that was so egregious?” asked Bady, a former 8th Ward aldermanic candidate. He wondered what, other than race, could have prompted officers to arrest the boy instead of talking to him or taking him to his parents’ home.”

After reading the story, I think that the officers made a bad choice on punishment. They could have stopped them and talked with all the children because they we’re in the wrong. It could have been worse than the alleged two drivers braking, they could have been hit. At that point we would be reporting a completely different story.

I think we should thank the officers for doing their job but have a meeting with their Chief (maybe direct to who can get the message to all police officers in the state) about better punishment choices. It should also be permission given to the police by the parents. Children do not belong to the government, therefore, they should always consult and/or notify the parents/guardians.

Credit: G. Bookwalter , Iain with Evanston Council.

Bookwalter, G. (2017, August 18). ‘Why are we arresting a 12-year-old?’ Father questions if race prompted son’s arrest in Evanston. Retrieved August 20, 2017, from http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/evanston/news/ct-evr-evanston-bicycle-arrest-tl-0824-20170818-story.html

Reporter Bookwalter gives us the scoop on Iain Brady’s arrest .  Reporter is in association with Pioneer Press.

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