Great Smokey Mountains Feels like home!

Gatlinsburg, Tennessee: A Mountain Resort Town.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee has a population of 4,099, 1,800 employees, with a poverty rate of 13.7 percent, according to Data US. Click here to check out more economics data collected about Gatlinburg.  The habitat is home to many different species: otters, black bears, owls, bobcats, raccoons, flying squirrels, skunks, snakes, etc.


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I’m here on borrowed time , and I must say that this is the best time that I have had this summer. Due to working over 60 plus hours a week, trying to balance myself out with all of the pressure that life is applying, I need time to ground myself to the universe for healing. After every point in your life you need to retract and reflect, to move forward with a clean slate.

Daily Activities 

While hiking earlier, on the Motor Nature Trail,  my goal was to focus on living in the moment because I can get caught up in my thoughts. More so then often I’m left in my thoughts, so I’m always doing activities that help me to concentrate. There are many different forms of meditation but I like to think that you can create special techniques that relate to you. After all it’s your magic, right?

The entire trail was about 10.7 miles in total, and I would estimate that we completed about 4 1/2 miles of the trial. We didn’t get to the top of the mountain because we were told that we would make it up there by nightfall. With common sense, we turned our ass right around to trace our tracks the way we came. As we were heading back to the car, all I could do was focus and pay attention to the trail. It helped me to catch a few thoughts and write them in my pocket journal.

Afterwards, we went to No Way Jose’s Cantina and I ordered the Fajitas Supremas. That damn food was good. Don’t eat at North China Chinese, their food is nasty. The egg rolls was good but my rice taste like a litter box. Theyeven charged  us for the food, after he asked me did I like it. I told him no, he asked me did I want something else, I said no to that too. He still charged us for that garbage. Try it at your own risk!

Hogg’s Upstairs Tavern was pretty cool and random. People dancing on the bar: Brides to Be, Crazy Bald Men, and College girls. DJ lucky was pretty g behind the mixer. He got some flavor and Lucky played a variety of music. My favorite highlight was watching a couple bachata dance.

This is a great place to visit! I am very pleased every time I come to Tennessee. The air, the land, and just the nature period. I use to live in Nashville for a short period as a child, and I visit today frequently. It’s my second home, I love it here.


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