The Pleasures of Life!

I woke up today thinking about my family and friends. For the last few years, I have been in search for self and building self love. It’s been a great journey that I will never stop embarking on, but I have to learn how to be included and include them.

Have you ever stop to think about where your happiness lies? or what truly makes you happy outside of yourself? Well today I found my ray of sunshine. It’s my family, and I realize how important they are to me. When you come from Urban communities, sometimes most of us have experience broken homes, so it takes us a while to put the pieces together of our lives. This has been me for the last decade of my life.

As I reflected on the times when I had the most experiences of being happy, it showed me visions of family. I guess that I had to remove myself a bit to understand their importance in my life. They are a blessing, and I am ready to move forward on showing them how much I love them.

I think that finding yourself has a lot to do with the love you give and receive. A wise one once said to me, “If you know yourself, you know everyone else in the universe”. I guess he’s starting to make sense to me. When you know thyself, you will have a better understanding of how people will feel, react, and respond to you. You can better act and commit to others because what you want for YOU, you will ultimately want for others.


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