Make it home: A Poem about a Chicago Boy’s struggles

A boy smiles as he walks through school with his head up high, and his books in his hand.

Little do you know that this boy
has scars, not scars that you
can see but scars on his mind.

He stays after school to do his homework because he knows he has 8 brothers & sisters to take care of because mama is all drugged out and daddy out running the streets.Claiming he trying to make a way for them but this boy knows it’s not true plus he has a baby on the way, so he has to see his girl on top of everything.

His girl been down for him since day one.They say they’re going to get married. They’re still waiting.

This boy is a thinker. He writes poetry to pass the time away, to give his mind a break, to take the pain away, to make all his bad times seem good.

While he writes slow with his pen and paper, in the back of his mind, all he hears is “make it home to your family that you’re about to have, to your brothers and sisters, you have to take of.”

For the lonely nights when he’s thinking about how did he get stuck feeling like he’s 35, when he’s only 20.

He’s 😳 scared,not of life but about being a father and a soon to be husband.  He smokes weed to keep his mind off everything.

“Make it home” he says, “just need to make it home and pray for better days”

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