The Embodiment of Social Truth and Wisdom

Ethics , Law, and You 

Due to the semantics revelation that I’m having right now, I’m finding it pretty complicated for me to advertise and publish. I know that there are two sides to the game, and eventually there’s a side to be picked. I love communication and media because it’s a commodity, the industries are adventurous, and I pick up jewels all day. Its very broad ranging and it provides me with the thrill of being able to ever change my roles consistently.

Ethically, I go through a fit! Thinking of what information I want to flow down my stream. My informational flow has to align with my vibes, so I’m tailoring my chi. With all that is being published today, I just feel I need to go in a different direction as a reporter.  So for now, I think that I’ll focus on continuing my study in different arts in communication and learning how to work with myself.

One of my main intentions is just to be ethical in how I approach building out my brand. There are a lot of things I can share but I just can’t report on it, it’s irrelevant to what we need to be focused on as a collective. I understand the child in the human needs entertainment but the adolescent in us has to grow up. Someone needs to address the fact that we have a gang of people universally that are lost, and need to know how to address their reality. We need to do better, I will be on the other side of the game to influence that change by starting with me first.


We all hold a personal and public responsibility for humanity, it’s that simple. All this chaos with the law and those who are sworn to uphold it, is fucked up. I just gotta keep it true to what all this shit means. Morally, we all are in dishonor because not only is there people conspiring against my people but we are also doing it to ourselves. We have to start addressing our social issues immediately or I can see shit continuing to get out of hand. I simply choose to not participate in the foolishness. This cultural war we’re experiencing shall reveal and lift the veil for many, I hope.

I am coming to know that I don’t really know shit, lbs. The only thing I’m coming to grips with is that I need to know myself, if not anything else. SO Fuck it! I’m just going to dive deep into building on a inner level because all this culture and politics bullshit that’s manifesting, is just too much right now. They ass need to get it together, they look like some damn fools.

I am getting into neologism  for the sake my sanity right now. I need social truth and wisdom to grow.

It feels so good to get this off my mind. 


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