@IamCardiB Glow Up and Infectious Inspiration for Hood

The Global Hip Hop Platform……and

The Hip Hop Generation is taking a new turn for the better. Influencing others in the world to be themselves and live authentically. Our newest member, Cardi B from the Bronx, New York just ousted Taylor Swift from the top of the Billboard charts with her informal single “Bodak Yellow (MoneyMoves)”. As reported by The New Yorker’s Staff Writer, Doreen, “The rise of the twenty-four-year-old Cardi B, born Belcalis Almanzar—who earlier this week became the first solo female rap act to top theBillboard charts since Lauryn Hill, in 1998—is dizzying; it’s almost like a fairy tale, according to the  Ringer’s Lindsay Zoladz.”

Why is this inspirational not only to women over the world but just people in general? Because she’s shown resilience, focus, dedication, and that your grind can pay off if you stick to your plan. Cardi B has also shown others that it’s not where you’re from that defines you, it’s your body of work. I think this can encourage someone like my peers and I, who are students that are working on getting to the next level of higher education. We get burnt out, sometimes don’t know where all this challenging work will take us, so we either drop off or take a long break from our education. We even get discourage due to everyday life stress. Take some pointers from Cardi and stay down until you come up.


Félix, D. S. (2017, September 27). Cardi B, the Female Rapper Who Ousted Taylor Swift from the Top of the Charts. Retrieved September 27, 2017, from https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culturedesk/cardibthefemalerapperwhooustedtaylorswiftfromthetopofthechartsbodakyellow



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