National Anthem Protest X “45”: Let’s Get Straight to What Black People Are Saying @realDonaldTrump

Let’s address REAL Incompetent and Immature Communication with a Different Perspective 

It’s three different types of communication, according to Duck & McMahan in their textbook Everyday Life Communication. 

  1. Action
  2. Interaction
  3. Transaction

The President has failed to properly communicate, and has been failing at communication since he’s been in character. It doesn’t matter who authors his speeches because his communication isn’t aligned with his actions. He’s embarrassing to his own nation, acting like a delinquent minor.

As I work on my own challenges in life, I begin to see those same challenges in other persons, just in a different context or situation. The United States of America has forgotten it’s history and maybe we need to revisit as an collective. Is slavery, civil rights, and colonizing forgotten about? Are we being pressed to forget about how fucked up this nation has been and is to Black persons?

I’m a second post generational citizen of slaves here in the United States, I’m versed in my own culture and everyday I’m out in society in a world where I’m not as equally loved as my culture is in America.  As I self study, I’ve learned a lot about those people who you brutality captured, betrayed, stealing their birthrights, inheritance, divinity, and nationality away from them. I learned none of true history in Public Schools but yet being told I had to stand for “Star Spangeld Banner”,  which originally Francis Scott Key wrote to tell the bloody murdering story of slaves (my ancestors) being killed by his savage associates and partners. You guys ought to be a shame of yourself for self for not playing the game fair. For unjustly “trying” to instill law, when you don’t even honor the codes, even the ones you set.

No longer in America we will sit back and maturely try to compromise because of your emotions about your own self identity crisis and unrighteousness. We have been overlooking the fact that you have many hidden secrets and lies in this country, that do not make sense to the naive. It’s makes a lot of sense to those who read, study in your institutions, and patronize this nation. Some of us do adequate book keeping.

World history states that we were once never minors by the way. We foolishly let you make us minors, granted you the power to rule over us with hate. Does it mean nothing to you that since your ancestors have “founded” this land, our ancestors have been doing nothing but “trying” to befriend yours, and make it where we can live in harmony. Today we still “try” to overlook your childish ways and befriend you, so that we can live in harmony.

At this point, some of us is going to have to start speaking up because the United States of America seems to have Black people or brown-copper colored skin people fucked up. We don’t need your permission to protest something that was directly made to harm us on multiple levels. Ya’ll don’t physically harm us any more but you try to do everything in your power to presentation-ally misrepresent us.

And not all “White People” are bad, educated or ignorant but all “white people” have the power and will to acknowledge the truth or seek truth for better understanding. I’m going to follow up this post with a non bias analysis of this subject.

I say this with the highest honor in love, loyalty, peace, freedom, and justice for all.


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