The Lick: @OffsetYRN Proposes to @IamCardiB

We can’t say anything about luck when it comes to Cardi B, shorty put in work in every aspect of her life. Offset, a young rich nigga who consistently puts on for the culture, just proposed and took her off the market.  #UrbanFamily #UrbanCouples are on the rise !

Offset proposed to Cardi B last night on stage at Power 99’s Powerhouse concert at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

The Background:

Offset and Cardi have been dating since the beginning of the year and have been trending for months. Last week people was all in their business making rumors about a breakup but as we can see they shut that down quick.





This shit got Forbes talking. This  engagement could be the biggest financial move for them, according to Gibbs.  We’re not too much concerned with all the financial moves to be made by the couple just yet, as an Urban Culture Enthusiast, we’re just taken it in as a Hip Hop generation. This changes the standards for us as it relates to love and family. Two of the biggest names in hip hop at the moment influence love, marriage, culture, values, and self identity.

We building empires, baby. 

P.S. Here’s some life advice from Cardi B to females who get caught up into the “traditional” views of the “world” #FACTS


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