Male Success Initiative with @Kevin_Powell & @Phenom18 at @Governors_State

MSI’s 2017 Male Leadership Summit

It was an amazing feeling to be in a room of powerful men, that produce culture on different levels. I got to connect with some gentle, focused and ambitious leaders who chose to spend their Friday investing into self.

The Male Leadership Summit used the backdrop of Jay Z’s career, from Reasonable Doubt to 4:44, to discuss maleness, masculinity, and manhood. As a woman, I listened and I participated to learn how I can support manhood more or share some information with men on  maleness, masculinity, and manhood.  My goal was to understand what maleness, masculinity, and leadership is from men. We have many misleading stereotypes that we seem to forget that we are human, and that we are complex, too. Don’t get it twisted and forget how dynamic we are.

(to get to the Keynote Speaker, fast forward to 25:30 )

After listening to the Keynote speaker, Kevin Powell, we broke out into sessions. I attended the “Made In America: Examining Successful Leadership in Social Justice Advocacy” workshop. In the concurrent session we listened to “Made in America” off Watch the Throne, Jay-Z and Kanye West groundbreaking album which is packed with messages of leadership, advocacy, and cultural identity. We unpacked the messages communicated through song which lend themselves to be benchmarks for maleness, masculinity, and manhood. It also gives perspective of what it’s like to be successful yet marginalized in America. (Description of workshop is from the event program)

I learned that maleness is advocating for something bigger than yourself.  A pro generator of culture and legacy, planting as many seeds as you can. Masculinity is being respectful of others and yourself, while knowing that you aren’t perfect or that you’re vulnerable sometimes; and that’s OK. Being a leader is looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself “What’s Fear?”; and taking risk to prosper because you have the confidence and faith in yourself as a person. All while not forgetting to be positive, graceful, and move with love. Where ever you’re from you have to be active in your community and not let the women do all the work, it’s unacceptable according to Kevin Powell, we need leaders. Culturally you have to redefine yourself as a man.

Kevin Powell is the truth, and I look forward to building with him more. He genuinely cares about the empowerment of his people and he recognizes that we are all family. Powell, Phenom, and Lawson came through and dropped jewels that I will treasure like my crystals.

Ase’ to those brothers, I’m saving the date, November 16, 2018,  to be at the next Men’s Leadership Summit and I’m making sure my nephews are in the building.

6 Ways to Redefine Manhood  


  1. Spiritual Awakening
  2. Political (get involved in your community and civic engagement)
  3. Culturally redefine yourself (re-spect which is to re-see yourself)
  4. Financially (Wealth and Resources)
  5. Physical Health
  6. Mental Health

Self care and love is key.


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