Why I Don’t Celebrate “Thanksgiving Day”, and If you’re Black or Aboriginal You Shouldn’t Either.


National Land Theft and American Genocide Day 

The Pilgrims are murders and thieves. You have many people who debunk this like Jeremy Bangs, at History News Network,  but you have many Indians who know their own history and share this information as well. Before the Caucasian Europeans pulled the Doctrine of Discovery, a papal bull , out of their ass,  it was indigenous beings that lived on this land. You can read about the Doctrine of Discovery papal bull yourself.

We all know the history of America and “African Americans, Black persons and Native Americans”, so I won’t go to deep into that either to make my point. I just want to share some information with you and if you would like to know more about why you shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving if you’re Black or Aboriginal, please further research pass this post.

My great, great, great, great grandfather was a part of a band of Black Indians in Florida, hence my unique and Native American-sounding last name. It seems I come from a long line of warriors and activists. I am a revolutionary not by choice but by lineage. When I did finally learn, there was no stopping me. Whenever someone asked what I was doing for Thanksgiving I proudly stated that I no longer celebrate it. Thanksgiving day should be known as National Land Theft and American Genocide Day.

I learned that in 1637 the body of a white man was discovered dead in a boat. Armed settlers — which we tell our children were God fearing, gentle, sharing, kind Pilgrims — invaded a Pequot village. They also set the village, which included many children, on fire. Those who were lucky enough to escape the fire were systematically sought, hunted down and killed. While many, including historians, still debate what exactly happened this day, also known as the Pequot Massacre, it directly led to the creation of “Thanksgiving Day.” This is what the governor of Bay Colony had to say days after the massacre, “A day of thanksgiving. Thanking God that they had eliminated over 700 men, women and children.

William B. Newell, a Penobscot Indian and former chairman of the Anthropology Department at the University of Connecticut stated, “Gathered in this place of meeting, they were attacked by mercenaries and English and Dutch. The Indians were ordered from the building and as they came forth were shot down, The rest were burned alive in the building. The very next day the governor declared a Thanksgiving Day. For the next 100 years, every Thanksgiving Day ordained by a Governor was in honor of the bloody victory, thanking God that the battle had been won.”

-Nicole Breedlove

Why does this hold to be true to me and many others? Because we are the one’s with a missing identity, and others, like us, have suffered great atrocities at the hands of colonizers/Caucasians. It’s so weird to learn about the history of The United States of America  in public schools, like how they were so kind, etc. and how they conducted slavery like it’s a reminder of how quick they can change on us. You do know these aren’t separate colonies or groups of people (Puritans, Romans, British, French, Portuguese, and Khazars, etc.)   but the same people who just keep reinventing themselves. They are so great with branding and creating illusions.

Well if you’re from the Urban World you know what it’s like to be publicly miseducated, and laughed at because you don’t know who you are but everyone else does. If you don’t it’s OK. It just means that you are still living as a part of the lie and possibly just trying to survive out here in these streets. Here’s where you’ll stop making excuses if you have any sense and courage to request your identity.

As you #ReadStudyTravel for the rest of your life, you’ll get many different stories but you’ll come across the truth and understand my point of view. I am not an expert on this subject by the way but it is something that I learned and hold it to be true based off my secondary research.

Do your own research outside of this post, and don’t just take my perspective of my quest for identity. Make sure to question everything because history “owners” like to change the story to the beat of their drum, instead of allowing the culture creators to be free in their expression of documentation, based on real accounts of family members orally passing down their accounts of his-story.

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Five Hundred Years of Injustice. Accessed November 23, 2017. http://ili.nativeweb.org/sdrm_art.html.




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