Why You Should Never Apply to Work @HRBlock if you’re a College Student @Governors_State

It has been a interesting first semester at GSU, as a journalist and reporter, I would like to share my experience to make sure that the rest of my peers do not go through what I have with H&R Block.  I mean if you’re a student that’s an accounting major you won’t need them to act as a tax professional. There will be plenty of other ways you can get experience in your field of study.

Throughout the course, even before I accepted the offer to apply, I communicated with them thoroughly that I was a student who takes night classes. I was told by more than one representative that I would be OK, and that they would work with my school schedule. This semester I was taking 5 courses, writing for The Phoenix Newspaper, and re-branding my person for business. So, I had a full schedule.

I payed $150.00 for a Tax Course that was promoted as part of the requirement to be hired. I passed the course but was still not employed because they did not setup their hiring process to work with students that they knew they recruited when they setup shop on our campus. It was a waste of my resources and time, as a student. I was told that the $150.00, later, was to apply to work for H&R Block by my point of contact. I was rejected for employment because I was asked to reschedule my class to make a training, and I refused to do so. The classes weren’t offered during daytime hours, if you were wondering. Isn’t that something? I was baffled that they did not respect that my education comes first, and would ask me to reschedule my class during finals. I really felt exploited and that I was lied to based off how they advertise their business.  The conversation ended with her letting me know that my certification is ONLY good at H&R Block and that I would have to pay another $150 to reapply, which I was not informed of initially. They promoted it in a totally different light, so if they come on campus to recruit just stay away from their table.

Solution Advice 

Keep the money floating in the school to help build value. If you can, look for a job on campus where your education is primary. If you look for a job off campus make sure that they respect you as a student and have the understanding of what it’s like to be a student. Communicate your schedule, so they will work with you, and not look for you to waste your tuition which is a revenue stream on your accounting records that builds value in you, being the best you can be.

I hope that GSU will advocate to make sure that if they continue to come on campus to recruit us, that they know our school schedules, and that they aren’t draining us of our energy or trying to take us away from our duties as students. This is important, and I’m going to make sure that as a member of GSU academia this doesn’t happen to any of my peers.

 Stay away from this employer and invest your talents else where. You matter !


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