Dating 101:Women Do You Feel Used?

One of my peers had a question on IG 5 days ago, and tagged me in the post. I wanted to take the time to answer because I’m in a super great mood and I’ve had some time to reflect on his question.

Women I have a question….Will you feel used if I’m wanting to focus on being the best me, but still want to enjoy a woman’s company? If I’m upfront about what I want and I don’t feel I want a relationship because I give my all, and I want to give my all to my goals. Will you feel like I’m playing games or having “my cake and eating it too” ? Talk to me.

There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be in a relationship because you want to focus on and give your all to your goals, that’s something that you shouldn’t be distracted from. You can”date” and still do that too. I mean you should be able to pull that off if you want ” a woman’s company”. I would like to know, instead of assuming, what he concisely meant by being up front because you can be upfront about many things.

Yes you are playing games and objectifying a woman to YOUR personal needs. It’s a lie that you can’t give your all to your goals, date, and still be building a real bond instead of “having your cake and eating it too”. I mean if you find someone who’s willing to play that game with you then great but if you out here choosing with this perspective you’re losing. No one wants to feel like an object or that they aren’t really worth your time. If anything a woman will and should enhance your productivity. If she doesn’t then you just have bad taste in making choices and need to upgrade your vibrations because you are only attracting what you are. It is unfair to involve someone in your life in this manner if you decide that is where you want to invest your “all”.

Now it’s definitely another side to this situation and I don’t want to be bias but objective. It’s different if it’s consensus between the two of you and you share the same context and meaning. At this point, your being honest and respecting that person as a human and allowing them to make their own decisions. That’s important in any relationship. This will allow you to be able to have an experience that can help both you grow. Just like men have needs, women do too, so something like this can be a win for both parties. As long as you guys “date”, it’s all good but if it’s just for sexual purposes it’s a waste of both parties energy and time.

Read my post about the importance of dating the opposite sex. It’s a great read that breaks down the stages of dating and it’s great information to know. Feel free to comment, I would love for you to share your perspective.


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