@pixarcoco wins Best Animated Feature @GoldenGlobes and @Oprah #OWNS Her Cecil B. de Mille Award #TIMEISUP

Oprah does it every time! As she accepted her award she used her voice for those who’s voices are unheard. She not only spoke for people of color but for women who have endured so much to provide for their families, being domestic and professional women.  This speech is going down in history, check it out and share your comments.




As for Coco, one of my favorite movies, it deserved the Award for Best Animation Feature. I love this movie and its message about family. I cried at the end and my niece wiped my tears. And guess what? She didn’t judge me. The children enjoyed the movie just as much as I did. Reinforcing family values, respect and homage to the ancestors is something that all children should be taught growing up because like Miguel, they all have to grow into their own person. A person should know what foundation they were created on and their inheritance.

If you haven’t seen Coco then you tripping, especially if you haven’t taken the children. Go see Coco in theaters now!


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