@EdwardArkTeez & @ChicagoKingDave #FashionShow #LittySiutation


Edward Ark Teez and Fuck Fame, set it off in the city with their new fashions all while sharing their platform with some of the city’s favorite designers, and newbies to the game.  The venue was packed with some city favorites: DJ Amaris, Dj Shon, DJ MileHigh, Stunt Taylor, Y Dot G Dot, Leoski D, Sweats By Stew and Chris aka Prince T Dub (He told me not to tell y’all he was there because of Child Support, guess the cats out the bag, lol). There were plenty more who’s who in the building and it was filled with entourages. The event took place at Venue 1420, located 1420 S. Michigan, Sunday, January 21, 2018.

Since 2004, Edward Ark has been lacing us with some of the best Teez in the city and nationwide. You may have had on an Edward Ark tee and didn’t know it but you’ll definitely be hearing more about the brand. They just opened their ship store in River Oaks Mall, and are now manufacturing jeans and underwear too. Drop by River Oaks Mall and get some gear. Most def make sure that you get you some Fuck Fame gear too!

Sources:Edward Ark, Sky Team Media, and My MF Pocket Journal Bish! 

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