Black-Face Chinese People?

As a negative perception, they may be poor.

Thanks to Asian Boss, I get to see what Chinese people think about “Black” people. It’s a very great question due to the fact that “Black” people are treated very poorly in many parts of the world.

As a Chinese I can tell you many Chinese do not look fondly on Blacks. We know them from American media. They dont seem freindly but never say it on camera. Truth isnt in this video LOL! A blacks man’s values are no good in Chinese society we think., One being honest is in yellow and red beanie. Others are saving face, a concept foreign to westerners.

-Dee Jay (Comment from Asian Boss YouTube channel)

Many ethnic groups have a love/hate relationship with “Black” people but they love our culture. “Some criminal cases we’ve seen may influence how many Chinese view them” said by one of the constituents on the streets of China, as if Chinese people don’t do criminal shit.  People are so bias, it’s a taboo.

Well, check out the video for yourself below, but let me state this.

Chinese people do not like black people either. They come into our communities extract our wealth and treat us like shit. They only know us through American media, and it’s clear that they only show “Blacks” from their point of view which happens to be racist. They do not respect us as much as other non-blacks do.

No hard feelings towards anyone because everyone is entitled to their own point of view but let’s start telling the truth, so that we can have real conversations. We are in a new day and age, informing yourself and going straight to the source is very important. Stop listening to White Caucasians or anyone other than “Black” people when it comes to who “Black” people are. That’s like listening 👂🏾 to someone that doesn’t like you, give you a recommendation to get a job. It’s not genuine.

The featured image does not belong to me. It’s a picture captured of a racist Chinese exhibit from a Chinese Museum.

@Migos “Walk It Talk It” Joint


Coming through the culture ride groovy baby, is the Migos with their new visual paying homage to the culture of Soul Train . Staring Jamie Foxx as “Ron Delirious”, respect to the late great Don Cornelius, with Drake on the feature looking like a Jewish Michael Jackson.

It gave me a vision of how hip hop rap would have appeared back in the rolling 60s and 70s. Just a great history fact, the Soul Train originated on Chicago’s South Side.

Enjoy the culture ride.