@HowardU Students Scammed Out of Financial Aid by Student Employees and Administration; @Rihanna in Full Support of victims

Well don’t think about calling on Tyrone too soon for financial aid because he’s fraudulently broke the bank, leaving many students at Howard University in a crisis. It has been reported by many sources that 6 Howard University Students and Employees have been fired for misappropriated funds of $1 million from 2007-2016.

According to CNN, since Thursday, students have been protesting asking for answers and for the president of Howard U, Wayne A.I. Fredrick to resign. Tyrone Hankerson, was repeatedly awarded a $65,000 “University Need Based Grant.” , reported by Medium.

Please read the letter addressing the current leadership from Howard University Student Association:

Rihanna has retweeted the video below which shows the students singing “Bitch Better Have Money” while taking over the administration building.


Here are some images allegedly reported by the whistleblower, who put the university on blast about its lack of transparency.


“Screenshot showing excessive aid awarded to former Associate Director of Financial Aid in 2014–2015, SOURCE: Anonymous Financial Aid Employee — Whistleblower” (from  cached source) Medium 


“Screenshot showing excessive aid awarded to former student employee in 2013–2014, SOURCE: Anonymous Financial Aid Employee — Whistleblower”  image courtesy of  (cached source Medium)


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