5 most Wealthiest Things in the World

Happy Tuesday!

It’s 3 days into the New Year, counting from April 1, because it’s harvesting season where things are being planted. I shared my solar return (birthday) April 1, too.

It’s a great season to detoxify, rejuvenate, and regenerate your energy to create for the summer.


King Spa


For 24 hours, on the first day of the “New Year”, I spent the day cleansing at King Spa:

  1. Aura 

  2. Mind 

  3. Body 

  4. Soul 

  5. Spirit 

These are the 5 most wealthiest things to me in the world. The reason I know this to be true is because if everything else fails, all you have is you. If your health is declining because you are failing to keep a balance in your life, you can become toxic. Just think about if you never took the time to cleanse your self ?  And most of us can’t reach our back, so I know someone out here is walking around with a dirty back.

Nonetheless, we still have to find time to rid our body of the toxins we inject or allow others to inject into ourselves, aid our digestive system, as well as our immune system or what we pick up in our environment daily. Our body is constantly trying to cleanse itself, so we have to aid it in its process.

I really enjoyed the refreshing rebirth of the year. Take care of your self.



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