Maya Angelou’s 90th Life Session and Resting in Power with Winnie Mandela

Ancestral Ceremony 💗👣🧝🏾‍♀️

Another great spirit, Winnie Mandela has transitioned this week. It’s also the honorable Maya Angelou’s 90th birthday today (4-4-1928). I am grateful to be following a path that they fought to take, leaving it open for me to be successful.


Remembering Winnie Mandela 


Courtesy of Reuters
Picture Courtesy of Reuters 




Remembering Maya Angelou 

Maya Angelou by Ross Rossin, 2013. (National Portrait Gallery, gift of Andrew J. Young Foundation) Courtesy of Smithsonian
Picture Courtesy of Biography Dot Com


Reflection 👁👣💭

In today’s world, it’s really difficult for this generation to connect to past accomplishments because of the strong hold that gatekeepers have on history.

Last week I wrote about 5 Women You Should Know, because not only do I feel like marginalized people need a voice but I think that women aren’t appreciated enough.

No I’m not a feminist, whatsoever. I just don’t see a balance when it comes to respecting the ground hustle that a lot of women have worked hard to blaze.

Love ❤️ your Maker, your Creator

We are still looked at as second-class-citizens and objects, not as creators, lovers, and nurturers.

Wonder why the world is in chaos? Look at the global state of women? That should answer your question. I say this because women are the ones who birth humans into this realm. They allow human spirit to dwell inside of them and risk their life to deliver the creation of God, another blessing to humanity.

It’s still some work to do globally on the worship of the diversity of God. The reflection of God. The truth.

Somewhere along the way, someone has been taking advantage of humanity by not returning the kindness of mother earth ripping away at father time.

5 things to know about Maya Angelou’s complicated, meaningful life.

Necessary Respect ✊🏾 for Winne Mandela.

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