@IamCardiB “Invasion of Privacy” 🔥 💽⁉️🔣

I like Cardi B for more than just her music.

I like Cardi B because of “who she is”, and that’s genuine. She’s a great personality and she keeps 💩 💯. That’s rare in her industry. People are superficial and built off creative strategies or branding.

Her new album just dropped yesterday, April 6, and it’s honestly a no 🚫 for me Cardi. Simply because I can’t relate to it in the manner she presented herself.

Her album isn’t trash, it’s a “6 out of 10”. She’s has a lot of growing to do as a Master of Ceremony (MC).

What I think doesn’t even matter though because at the end of the day, art is art and art is life. It’s her art, and I appreciate her for sharing it with the world 🌎. I respect Cardi for not switching up and I wish her much prosperity, protection, and peace as she travels the universe.


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