@IamCardiB is Finally Free! #WomanGoals #Inspiration #Different #Perspective

See this is why I love Cardi B, because she’s so real that sometimes it’s unbelievable. She’s helping to improve culture through her vehicle, music, and is doing a great job at it. I read one article where they called her “the oracle of our time”.

Remy Ma and Erykah Badu took to Instagram to celebrate her wombniverse in sisterly love.

I just woke up at 2:45am and saw this video; I’m crying real tears- happy tears. For so many years they made us (women) feel like we had to pretend to be single, pretend to not have a real life, and put our lives on hold to “entertain” the masses. Meanwhile, you feel trapped in your own body, a prisoner to your career, and so unhappy when you supposed to be having the time of your life. @IAmCardiB I am so happy you are free too💋#QueenSh*t #CongratulationsOnEVERYTHING-Remy Ma


The realist. ❤️@iamcardib we watched you turn your empire to a wombniverse! What that says to me is If you can visualize it you can realize it . Keep giving haters a job bb. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 artist – @jessijumanji

-Erykah Badu

You don’t have to be a fan of someone to honor them as a human. I reviewed the album, and said it was a no for me but not knowing her, watching her grow, and appreciating her set human standards, has been amazing. Congratulations to Cardi B and Offset on their new bundle of joy, Cardi’s first human being created.


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