“Hood Journalist” @TheRealZackTV1 from Chicago Killed in South Loop

Zachary Stoner also known as Zack TV was shot and killed this morning at 1 AM on 700 S. Clark after leaving a concert at Refuge Live located 416 S. Clark Street. Zack was a popular vlogger on YouTube in the hip hop community who published over a 1,000 interviews and had a large social media following.

Reported by Chicago’s very own WGN, “Stoner was shot in the neck and head before his Jeep drove up a curb and crashed into a light pole. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition. where he later died”

Witnesses mentioned that a group of people jumped out of a Chevy Caprice and hopped into a gold or tan car. The Chevy Caprice was also involved in the accident.

There is no word on any other injuries or no one is in custody Wednesday, currently still undergoing investigation.

“I’m hearing stories like they may have been mad at him because he did interviews with certain rappers,” friend Phor Robinson said. “But that’s not his fault for him doing his job. I don’t know why anyone would attack Zack and shoot him. He’s not that type. He shows love to everybody in Chicago.”

Reported by WGN

I would personally like to send out condolences to Zack’s family and friends.  I remember this past summer him and DJ Amaris carrying me out of a pool party because I cut my foot. Zack was such a gentleman and down to earth being.  A young legend gone to soon but will never be forgotten. As a fellow Hood Journalist, your work will live on through me and many others to come.

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