@DGainz “The Light” Monster Smash and Mad Scientist Mood

Chicago– Duan Gaines, also known as DGainz, created another movie setting the bar high with his new visions and development of skills. Taking things to a new height building a laboratory stage to perform his newly produced joint “The Light”. Gaines creatively brought together Make Up Artist(s): Sydney Miller, Kaylin Castellano, Nichelle Marion, and Mya Michelle; and a star studded team of local creative giants, Leon Davinci of Mudwingmedia and Triston Harris of HueWav Digital LLC to help produce this monster mash into reality just in time for “Halloween” and “The Day of the Souls”.

Sydney, also did a great job casting the beautiful actors: Alisa Thach (Vampire), Asiah Langston (Swamp Monster), Jayla Ford (Werewolf), Alexis Harrison (Mummy), and Gaines niece whom played the Hunchback Henchman who was seen dancing with him to electrify “Gaines The Frankenstein” to life so that he can come to the light.

Behind The Scenes (BTS)

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