Moon Cycling with Order of Ascension

Illinois-2020 has been a spiritual journey and insightfully full of awareness. The Spiritual Gang is on the horizon with the moon treatments for cycling through your natural phases of life growth, and they’re having an event Saturday, November 14 at 7 PM. Well be kicking back at Insight Awareness raising the frequency for the collective. They’ve been helping me solidify my plans, set intentions, release what doesn’t serve, and continue to be grateful through the process of life’s natural cycle.

With a moon 🌝 in Scorpio ♏️ living in my 6th house 🏡 I’m digging deep to find the root of all matters in my health and physiology that will possibly occur in my lifetime, especially in my daily routines, responsibilities, and service. I’m making a plan to deal accordingly with whatever I assess and reflect on.

I have no worries with Aries ♈️ in my 11th house 🏡 now that retrograde has ended but I am paying close attention to my needs in this area.

With my Order of Ascension crew, I’ve been traveling through my cycles very well because they’ve been providing the support I need to cultivate my spirit. Majority of the summer’s new moon and moon cycle we’ve met up to harness energy to help ones heal, and I must say it’s been a just path that has served me well.

I know that I will be successful at whatever I choose to accomplish as a native with this moon 🌚 in my chart, and with Order of Ascension members by my side.

This event is in partnership with Feed The Hood NFP, hosted by Divine and Altair of Order of Ascension. We look forward to to you harnessing energy with us from universal being.

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