My name is Briyana Kelly, also known as “Billie Da Kidd” or “BK,” I’m a South Chicago native who’s passion and “ultimate hustler” mentality makes me a competitive game changer in the communication and media industry.

As a entrepreneur, broadcaster and figure in media, I’m  what you call a “Jack of all trades” and the true definition of media. As an alumni of Illinois Center for Broadcasting , I’m one of the most fearless, driven, and innovative generalists Chicago has ever experienced. I am also an alumni of Olive Harvey College, one of the city colleges of Chicago.

I strike conversations related to music (especially by Chicago’s own), economics, financing, dating, fashion, beauty, broad range of entertainment & arts with a personal touch of “BK’s” inspiration and wisdom.

As an inspirational voice with-in our community,  experience as a hostess and bartender, I’m always showing my love for communicating and meeting new people. I’m  rapidly making my way to the top, and slowly creating an impact on the world.

I offer boutique public relation services: Publicity, Creative Strategies, Marketing Programs, Press, Production, and Event services. Need to contact me, fill out the contact form below.

Bosses are leaders who bring out the best in others by creating opportunity