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Introduction of Billie – The Publisher; Author; Writer, Researcher, and Speaker

My name is Briyana Kelly, also known as “Billie Da Kidd” or “BK,” I’m a South Chicago native who’s passion and “ultimate hustler” mentality makes me a competitive game changer in the communication and media industry.

I strike conversations related to music (especially by Chicago’s own), economics, financing, and cultural subjects such as dating, fashion, beauty, travel, broad range of entertainment & arts with a personal touch of “BK’s” inspiration and wisdom.


Public Relations

Release and spread of information between an individual or an organization as it relates to the public. The types of PR in practice is Investor Relations, Community Relations, Corporate and social responsibility, media relations, public affairs, crisis management, social media, employee relations, integrated marketing and communications.


The transmission of programs and information by the way of audio or video to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium using the electromagnetic spectrum using different models by typically the one-to-many model.

Advertising & Marketing

Designing creative strategies for advertising to act as an component in the preparation of getting a product or service into the marketplace. Marketing is research and practice, advertising is straight practice. I provide the insights you need for both plus the performance.


The study of aspects of human culture and society. This is what I use to develop my humanitarian programs to ascend humaneness in the human race.


Communications Specialist; Director

2012 – present

Consult with clients to help them with special or strategic communication circumstances from publicity, managing a program, reputation, or flow of business. Managing public relations efforts, output of information, press releases and media request, social media and/or advertising efforts. Also managing the and directing organizations internal and external communications supervising staff, creating communication strategies, may serve as a spokesperson or media contact for organization.

Media Buyer

2011 – Present

Develop media strategies and effective media buying strategies. Negotiating ad space and time slots with various media outlets. Participate in media planning to identify target audiences and crafting effective campaigns.

Social Media Manager

2014 – present

Manage social media marketing campaigns, day to day activities including: develop relevant content topics to reach target audience. Create, curate, and manage all published content.

Program Director

2015 – Present

Initiating and setting goals for programs relating to the strategic objectives of the organization; planning from the program from start to finish; involving deadlines, milestones, and processes; developing or approving budgets and operations.

Let’s make something together.