My name is Briyana Kelly, also known as “Billie Da Kidd” or “BK,” I’m a South Chicago native who’s passion and “ultimate hustler” mentality makes me a competitive game changer in the communication and media industry.

As a entrepreneur, broadcaster and figure in media, I’m what you call a “Jack of all trades” and the true definition of media. As an alumni of Illinois Center for Broadcasting , I’m one of the most fearless, driven, and innovative generalists Chicago has ever experienced. I am also an alumni of Olive Harvey College, one of the city colleges of Chicago. I’m currently a student 👩🏽‍🎓 at Governors State University and a candidate for dual degrees. I am still a communications major now concentrating in Advertising and Public Relations; Global Media and Informational Flow. 

I strike conversations related to music (especially by Chicago’s own), economics, financing, dating, fashion, beauty, broad range of entertainment & arts with a personal touch of “BK’s” inspiration and wisdom.

As an inspirational voice with-in our community,  experience as a hostess and bartender, I’m always showing my love for communicating and meeting new people. I’m rapidly making my way to the top, and slowly creating an impact on the world.

I offer boutique public relation services: Publicity, Creative Strategies, Brand Strategy Plan & Marketing Programs, Press, Production, and Event services. Need to contact me, fill out the contact form below.

Bosses are leaders who bring out the best in others by creating opportunity